How To Keep Your Eye On The Ball

Have you ever heard somebody say to "keep your eye on the ball!" in sports?

Probably you have. In golfing, it may sound something like "keep your head down." Well, guess what? Keeping your eye on the ball and keeping your head down do not necessarily work together in golf.

Yes, you want to watch the ball, but it turns out that golfers are not keeping their head down for other reasons.

First, if you make a golf swing and you keep your head down towards the ball without moving it during your follow through, you might hurt yourself. So when someone says you need to keep your head down, they probably don't fully understand what it means.

Reasons Golfers Take Their Eyes Off The Ball

Here are some reasons why golfers lift their head up and end up taking their eyes off the ball while making a swing:

1. Poor Setup

Most players do not set up to the ball correctly, preventing them from being in an athletic position while making the golf swing.

Without the proper setup, stance, etc, you will fail to make consistent swings, and the result will be your head coming up out of the shot before you make contact.

For more on setup and good swing practices, I would recommend checking out the guide on Golfstead.

2. Wrong Ball Position.

Golf clubs are different lengths, therefore, where the club bottoms out at the end of your swing (the hitting area) are different from club to club.

Generally speaking, your longer clubs should be played towards your left heel (if right-handed) and as the length decreases, ball position should move towards the middle of your stance.

3. Spine Angle

When you address the golf ball, you should have an athletic stance, with the ball located in the right position to strike it. What happens most often is when you make a swing and transition to the hitting area, the back/spine angle straightens.

This leads to all sorts of bad things, including your head lifting up. You have to maintain your balance and posture through the entire swing without lifting up and out of the shot.


If hundreds of thousands of golfers around the world can do it, you can as well.

Stay in control by setting up to the ball properly with a good stance and posture. Work on ball position so that you don't have to manipulate the swing to get down to the ball.

Maintain your posture throughout your swing, and swing within yourself for control. I hope these tips will help your game.

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