How To Clean Golf Club Grips Effectively

Taking care of your golf club grips is not as easy as it may seem. People have many questions regarding this topic because they want to avoid replacing the grips earlier than it is, in fact, needed.

If your irons (see recommendations for mid-handicappers), for example, are fantastic except for the grips which are getting dirty, you can easily bring them back into great shape.


This article is meant to serve as a guide to cleaning your golf club grips quickly and effectively without encountering any trouble. If you’d like to learn how to clean golf club grips, go ahead and read this article.

Step 1: Buff it up.

You will need:

  • sandpaper
  • metal file

This is applicable for cord or rubber grips only. If you own a softer grip, you can skip this step.

In order to revive a hard surface grip, you need to buff it gently first. For buffing, you can either use sandpaper or a metal file.

Run the sandpaper or the file on the whole surface of the grip and proceed to step number two. If you use a metal file, apply less pressure.

Step 2: Clean it up.

You will need:

  • bristle brush/washcloth
  • water
  • soap

This step is applicable for all sorts of grips. Fill a bucket with warm water and put some soap (pretty much any kind will do) in it. Dip your grips in and wash them either with a bristle brush (cord/rubber grips) or with a washcloth (soft grips).

Rinse thoroughly with clean water and use a towel to try them right away. No soap should remain on the surface of the grip.

For an illustration, see this video:

Step 3: Get rid of the slip.

You will need:

  • rubbing alcohol/grip cleaning wipes

If you still notice that the grip is slippery after you cleaned it, you can try an additional step before deciding to replace it.

Soft surface grips can be cleaned with rubbing alcohol and a washcloth. Both hard and soft surface grips can be cleansed with grip cleaning wipes. If done right, the tack and feel of your golf club grip should be brought back almost instantly.

Extra tip

If you notice any rips or tears on your golf club grip, then there is no need to try to clean them, as they need replacement.

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